Users of parking garages have high demands. The degree of fulfillment is reflected in the utilization of the object. - The MPC Parking system meets all modern standards and meets customer requirements.

The aluminum parking garage is built with a very resistant and abrasion resistant durable coating.  On a span length of 16.20 meters there are no support pillars. Wide parking bays of 2.50 meters with a height of 2.60 meters create a clear garage with natural light and ventilation (with an open façade).

MPC Parking delivered exclusively in Germany manufactured garages in certified specialist companies.

Made in Germany - for a modern modular parking garage and an application-friendly logistics concept with many usage aspects. The system provides a spacious parking place, safe and friendly for the user.

It has been developed by experts who know from experience of weaknesses in conventional parking garages. These experts got a sense of the requirements and wishes required nationally and internationally. Know-how and creative innovations led us to this solution after a long development work - a parking garage accepted by customers and with an additional benefit for the user, operator and investor.

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