Slim flexible

The flexibility and robustness of the components makes any layout and any possible extension easy (in height, length and width). Ramps are suitable for the free installation as well as for indoor or outdoor use. Installation of heating elements into the ramps is optional. In certain situations, a split-level or a sloping parking floor is possible.

There is always the possibility to adapt the parking capacity to the actual situation or new planning. Energy storage facility possible. Investments remain valuable and can be exploited economically in an optimized way. MPC Parking is a bet on security, increased usage time, lower maintenance costs, higher profitability and risk minimization for investors and operators. The demand and capacity, space use, income and expenses can be reconciled.

Building elements of the parking garage are countless times usable as for example various other purposes. ‘’Upcycle’’

In the case of real scrapping, the proceeds are obtained for the high-quality material aluminum. The aluminium scrap has high rest value, even on the long term. These are countered by considerable demolition and disposal costs with conventional construction methods. Aluminum is fully recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly and sustainable

  • Roofs can be used for many activities
  • Easy to expand in the height and width
  • Investments are put to good use as the future changes
  • A floating parking garage is one of the options