Optics and use of the façade can as well be designed freely. We would be pleased to show you some examples of the open construction, the use of photovoltaic, advertising spaces or design possibilities. (See impressions)

The upper floor or the roof area is also suitable for various uses. Green areas, sports fields, photovoltaics, or even as parking area, over the years there can be changes in the requirements. Our system facilitates the conversion and offers many options.

MPC Parking – or do you know another car parking which

  • offers a shortened construction period and consequently higher utilization times?
  • occupies only a small construction site?
  • does not require large construction machines?
  • causes lower costs for foundations?
  • can be used as a "houseboat" on the water?

It starts here

MPC Parking offers a patented modular parking garage concept made of aluminum and sets thereby new standards in the construction sector.
Flexibility is the key word. Lasting economic efficiency the goal. Feasibility through ease.

A parking garage should be as flexible as planning requires and adapt to the circumstances. The flexibility of the parking garages of MPC Parking last beyond the first planning phase of the economic efficiency calculation.
It adapts to the needs in the development:

Enlargement - Floors (maximum 6 levels including zero level) - also the construction of partial levels is possible.
Reduction - (the standard components can still be used in other parking garages), modification of access, change of use of sub-areas, e.g. for storage room, shops, etc.

The flexibility is achieved by the use of standard components. Standard components that can be expanded or reduced quickly and without great effort and which in these cases can be used again in other places.
Only with the MPC Parking system it is possible to achieve a "lifelong" optimal economic efficiency in terms of the actual usage development.

The construction method of aluminum has considerable weight advantages so that the expansion of levels to existing buildings is in many cases made possible by this.