Technically well thought-out

MPC Parking integrates a wide range of possibilities in its patented modular system for parking garages.

The standard provides for a high-quality execution of parking garages. Lighting, design, material resistance, care expenditure and the parking space for the cars are designed in such a way that the user can feel the parking garage as positive and pleasant. A maximum of 6 levels can be used or rather 5 levels can be built up. – The system offers:

  • Various parking space arrangements.
  • The use of the zero-level by bus.
  • Possibility of parking bicycles.
  • Charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes.
  • Installation of lifts, emergency exits etc.
  • Commercial spaces for shops, storerooms, workshops.
  • Leisure, sports, green space, ‘’Local Food’’ on the top level.
  • Green space or photovoltaic on the roof.
  • Completely watertight roof (in this case maximum 5 levels possible).
  • Optimal urban integration of the building by free design of the façade.

The standard elements of aluminum are mounted in the grid of 16.20 x 5.40 meters. The reusable "cradle-to-cradle" aluminum parts are equipped with a special fire-retardant coating which meets the European specifications. The floor is equipped with a long-lasting coating, which has proved its resilience in the offshore sector. After a fire damage, it is possible to exchange individual aluminum components. Free color selection of the coating. The coating is durable and results in a longer service life compared to previous solutions, less downtime due to repair and lower annual operating costs.

The construction time is shortened by the finished components delivered in the container. Construction materials and lighting can be quickly and conveniently installed by using the profile cavities. At the same time, these are protected against vandalism and damage.

  • The foundation construction is cheaper or unnecessary.
  • Park levels can be built up on existing buildings.
  • A floating parking garage is possible.
  • The use of large cranes is not necessary.

The transposition, enlargement, reduction, dismantling, reconstruction in a different format or in another location is possible. A change in the use of the building is possible in parts or whole.

  • The facades can be finished in various architectural forms
  • A system dealer for patented aluminium columns and aluminium floors
  • On and off-ramps can be located depending on location
  • Energy-generating solar roofs possible